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Catheter Glossary Terms

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Our leading healthcare professionals define and explain the common terms associated with catheters

Catheter Glossary Terms

Glossary Terms Catheters Catheter balloon - anchors the catheter in place in the bladder when filled with sterile water to stated volume Catheter Fixation - Devices used to secure the catheter to the clients leg to prevent the catheter falling out Coude/Tiemann Tip Catheter is a bent tip catheter used to drain the bladder when it is necessary to navigate the catheter around an obstruction such as an enlarged prostate Drainage bags - are used for collecting urine. Can be either day or night drainage bags French Gauge - The French scale or French gauge system is commonly used to measure the size of a catheter. It is most often abbreviated as FG, but can often be seen abbreviated as Fr, FR, CH. Hydrogel coated Latex catheter - The hydrogel coating interlocks with the inner latex substrate to create a smooth and slippery surface and helps reduce urethral friction and irritation. Hydrophilic coated catheter - have a layer of a pre-lubricated coating that is bound to the catheter surface. The pre-lubricated coating absorbs and binds water to the hydrophilic catheter, resulting in a thick, smooth and slippery surface. Indwelling urethral catheter - enters the bladder via the urethra and is held in place via the catheter balloon Indwelling suprapubic catheter - enters the bladder directly through the abdominal wall and is held in place via the catheter balloon Intermittent Urinary Catheter - enters the bladder via the urethra and is removed once the bladder is emptied Link up system - Overnight the day drainage bag system is connected to an overnight drainage bag and the tap of the day bag is opened to allow urine to drain in to the night drainage bag. Lubricant - lubricates the urethra and enables an easier passage to pass the catheter through the urethra to the bladder. Non Lubricated Catheter - catheter that has no lubricated coating Paediatric - relating to the branch of medicine dealing with children and their diseases. Prostate Gland - a gland surrounding the neck of the bladder in male mammals and releasing a fluid component of semen Silicone catheter - 100% latexfree all-silicone Foley catheter is a translucent and inert material to enable visibility during urine drainage and reduced tissue irritation and encrustation. Silver coated catheter - is a Foley catheter with a silver-based hydrogel coating (i.e. hydrogel containing silver) that are coated internally and externally Urinary Catheter - is a hollow flexible tube that is inserted in to the bladder to drain urine Urine drainage bag stand - This catheter urine bag holder suits most 2 litre drainage bags. It can be used as self standing or as a bedside hanger Urinary retention - is the body's inability to completely empty the bladder after urination Urethral stricture - is a narrowing of the urethra caused by injury, instrumentation, infection and certain non-infectious forms of urethritis. Independence Australia specialises in catheters Visit or call 1300 788 855

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