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Inform issue 24 – Autumn 2018

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In this issue of Inform, we celebrate achievements. We follow Independence Australia's residential client Peter as he looks back on some of the adventures he has had along the way of 50 years as a wheelchair user.

NDIS Story Taking the

NDIS Story Taking the road less travelled Steve is an Independence Australia client who has made the transition to the NDIS, and has shared with us the successes he’s had with his plan. 25 years ago, a MS diagnosis turned Steve’s live-totravel lifestyle upside down. In this time he grappled with the changes to his life and his body, and just five years ago found that his situation changed yet again. Still a young man, Steve found himself forced into a nursing home as he could no longer weight-bear, and a nursing home was the only place that could offer him such a high level of support. This move signalled a loss of independence and socialisation to Steve not only was he now needing more assistance than ever before, he also was no longer able to access the social groups that he had accessed in the past. Steve’s changed living situation also meant that his funding changed, leaving him without funding for the things he had previously used. In its place the nursing home offered organ recitals and other social events that certainly were not very exciting to Steve! 18 Independence Australia

He began to feel trapped like he was powerless to do the things he wanted to do, or go where he wanted to go. He was surrounded by people much older than him, and with little to keep him stimulated or entertained. The roll out of the NDIS in his region, however, turned everything around for Steve. Due to his situation Steve was lucky enough to be considered for early access to the scheme, and was able to secure his first plan four years ago. Just one year ago he met his support coordinator from Independence Australia, and this is where all the magic has happened. His coordinator understood the need for family engagement, and involved Steve and his family in every step along the way. Together with his coordinator, Steve was able to negotiate a fantastic NDIS plan that met his needs, and even had funding that allowed him to go on a holiday something he hasn’t been able to do for many years. In addition to this, Steve was connected with a small team of like-minded IA support workers who had similar interests to him, and were eager to help him make the most of his plan. This support has meant that Steve has been able to expand his social horizons, such as seeing his favourite AFL team (the Sydney Swans) in action, attending WWE wrestling events and even meeting Paul Roos! To all involved, the change in Steve since the NDIS has been incredible. He is much more positive and excited for the future, and with the help of his support coordinator the sky is now the limit. Steve’s story is a testament to what can be achieved if a few great people come together and none of this would have been possible if it weren’t for the NDIS. If you are interested in accessing our support services please contact Inform Autumn 2018 19