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Inform issue 24 – Autumn 2018

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In this issue of Inform, we celebrate achievements. We follow Independence Australia's residential client Peter as he looks back on some of the adventures he has had along the way of 50 years as a wheelchair user.


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Welcome Celebrations This edition of Inform celebrates our achievements. In our feature story we join one of our residential clients Peter, in celebrating 50 years in a wheelchair, and look back on some of the adventures he has had along the way. Steve’s story is one that reflects the impact the NDIS has had on his life and in the shaping of his future. Together with his family and support coordination team, he has been able to self-advocate and get back into the community, which has opened up many previously closed doors. Independence Australia is committed to helping our clients to achieve their dreams, and we’re excited to bring to you the first in a series of travel advice articles. Working together with partner organisations, we will be sharing over the next three editions of Inform a variety of travel tips and anecdotes. We want to hear more from the people we support and the people who support them. If you have a story about your independence, contact us at Richard Burn General Manager Community Solutions 4 Calendar 5 Accessibility Weekend 8 Feature 12 Studying with Disability 14 Psychology Services 16 Mental Health 18 NDIS Story 20 Rehabilitation Counselling 22 Travel 25 Polio Perspectives 34 Relationships 36 Housing Choices Australia Interview Editor Independence Australia Inform Team Polio Perspectives Editor Fran Henke Art Direction T-world Sub-editor Sarah Halfpenny © Copyright Independence Australia 2018. No part of this publication may be reproduced without the written consent of Independence Australia. No responsibility is taken for accuracy of information. Opinions published in Inform are not necessarily those of the publication’s team. Inform Autumn 2018 3