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Inform issue 24 – Autumn 2018

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In this issue of Inform, we celebrate achievements. We follow Independence Australia's residential client Peter as he looks back on some of the adventures he has had along the way of 50 years as a wheelchair user.

polioperspectives Polio

polioperspectives Polio Perspectives bookcase Life Skills for Polios a light-hearted handbook Everything you wanted to know about post-polio but were too afraid to ask? This is the ideal book for those wanting to know how to manage not only post-polio symptoms, but how gracefully to: • go shopping when supermarkets are too big or too far • downsize home and life • demand the right chair • avoid falls and worse problems • manage the big four painful body parts • exercise without overdoing it, and • find much-needed sleep Life Skills also takes seriously hard-to-talk-about and unexpected polio-related outcomes like incontinence, dealing with anaesthetists, recognising heat and cold intolerance, embracing the brace, and coping with childhood abuse. Retired journalist, artist, author and polio survivor, Fran Henke, has gathered the latest information from world polio experts and lived experts, to bring together a wide range of solutions to the diverse issues that affect polios. Published by Mornington Peninsula Post Polio Support Group to benefit PNV and Polio Day 2017. Cost is plus postage and packaging. Iron Wills Victorian Polio Survivors’ Stories Iron Wills includes a history of polio, and how 30 years ago Polio Network Victoria was founded. It is built on the accounts of Victorians affected by the polio virus, how lives changed mostly in early childhood, from diagnosis, to treatment, school, work and the dreadful discovery that more was to come: the late effects of polio. The Polio Day Cookbook fine food for the fatigued The aim of this little cookbook was to find nutritional advice, recipes and strategies for eating well and creating good food when energy levels are high. PP BOOKSHELF ORDER FORM Details Life Skills for Polios Price: Postage: Iron Wills Price: Postage: Polio Day Cookbook Price: Postage: Order quantity Order quantity Order quantity Name Address Phone Email Payment details Send completed form to Independence Australia, 9 Ashley Street, West Footscray Victoria 3012 32 Independence Australia

polioperspectives New film on polio A new film about the challenge to overcome polio was screened in Australia this summer. It opened overseas to rave reviews. Breathe is based on the true story of Robin and Diana Cavendish and their fight to lead a normal life. Robin, aged 28, was given three months to live after being paralysed from the neck down by polio. He worked not only to improve his own life but the lives of others, becoming an advocate for the disabled in the process. The European Polio Union is organising a DVD of the film for polios not able to go to cinemas. Breathe began screening commercially in Australia on 26 December. A fundraiser for Polio Australia with a preview of Breathe was held in Geelong on 19 November. Polio Services Victoria update Polio Services Victoria is holding a number of regional clinics in 2018 email or telephone 03 9231 3900. Regional clinics for 2018 (provisional dates): Bendigo 17/05/2018 Horsham 28/06/2018 Rosebud 23/08/2018 Traralgon 18/10/2018 Warrnambool 29/11/2018 Polio Services Victoria is now set up with Telehealth facilities that enable its team to see clients in regional areas from the metro base. PSV is aware that clients may prefer to wait until the team is visiting their area to arrange an appointment, however, with this facility clients can be seen via Telehealth at other times. Inform Autumn 2018 33