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Inform issue 30 - Autumn 2020

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In this issue of Inform we meet those working hard every day to achieve their dreams.

MoliCare Premium Slip is

MoliCare Premium Slip is being replaced by MoliCare Premium Elastic Great new features MoliCare® Premium Elastic offers the same high quality absorption, leakage protection and skin friendly benefits that you rely on with MoliCare® Premium Slip, but with additional benefits: NEW • Elastic side panels for greater comfort and security • 2 re-closable tabs for quick and easy application • Helps preserve dignity through less handling and disruption • Ergonomic design and less application steps reduces body stress for the carer OLD • IMPORTANT: Correct size and absorbency is vital for effective continence management. The new MoliCare Premium Elastic has flexible sizing and some waist measurements have changed. Order your products To place your order visit:, or contact: For more information about product sizes, pack quantities and absorbency, see the Product equivalent list overleaf.

Only GentleCath Glide features FeelClean technology, creating a lowfriction hydrophilic catheter designed for greater comfort and less mess. Smooth: GentleCath Glide is a low-friction hydrophilic catheter with a smooth slippery surface designed to make catheterising easier. Hygienic: A generously sized no-touch handling sleeve helps prevent contamination of the catheter with bacteria from the hands. DEHP-Free. DEHP-Free The GentleCath Glide catheter is made without the use of DEHP. Less Mess: The unique FeelClean technology is designed to reduce mess so users can worry less about getting residue on clothes, hands or body. Speed and Discretion: Quick preparation with no unnecessary delay – start catheterising as soon as you break the water sachet and wet the length of the catheter. ® / TM indicates trademarks of Unomedical a/s. ©2020 ConvaTec Inc. AP-020366-US CCC308 January 2020