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Bedding Protection

Independence Australia health professionals explain the main types of bedding protection to assist you in finding the right fit for your needs.

Why is bedding

Why is bedding protection needed? A mattress is an expensive purchase worth protecting. Bedding protection acts as a backup to protect your valuable mattress in case the absorbent pad or pant you are wearing to bed is insufficient and urine leakage occurs. • Eliminates complete bedding changes • Stops urine odours and stains from damaging bedding • Keeps skin dry and comfortable for a better sleep • Feel less cold in bed as moisture is drawn away from body • Reduces embarrassment around bedwetting Who needs bedding protection? Anyone who cannot get out of bed in time to get to the toilet due to ill health or injury, or who needs additional protection from adult incontinence or child bedwetting. How to get started Product options Think about why you need to buy bedding protection to help narrow down your choices. • How much back up or extra protection are you looking for? • What are your unique needs and requirements? • Do you have any special needs or considerations? • What can be easily cleaned? • Whose bed is it for? • What is your budget? Capacity Capacity (or absorbency) is the volume of urine a product can hold, often expressed as ml (millilitres). Always refer to the packaging for this information. As a guide, a bladder overnight can normally hold between 200ml to 800ml of urine. If your combined bedding protection holds more than 800ml, you are well prepared for an accidental leak overnight. Bed pad position & flaps (wings or tuck-ins) Single Bed Double Bed or bigger Bed Pad Mattress protector Chest height Mid thigh TIP If you do not stay still while you sleep, a bed pad with flaps on the side can secure it under the mattress and keep it in place. Or choose a bed pad without flaps if you sleep with a partner who does not want to sleep on top of a bed pad. Use bed pad with side flaps Use bed pad without flaps Visit to buy your bedding protection

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