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Intermittent Catheters

Intermittent Catheters Intermittent catheters are flexible hollow tubes introduced into the bladder to drain urine. They are known as in/out catheters without a balloon. How the catheter works The catheter is inserted into the bladder by the patient and, once the retained urine has drained, it’s removed and discarded immediately (unless otherwise instructed by the manufacturer). A new catheter is normally used for each catheterisation (refer to manufacturer’s instructions). Please note, dilating only catheters do not drain urine. How long Patients typically catheterise themselves up to six times a day as per medical advice. Intermittent catheterisation allows normal bladder dynamics and mimics normal voiding. Recommended for As the bladder is drained effectively and completely, urinary tract infections cease to be a problem (as they are with indwelling catheters) thus safeguarding the kidneys. Recommended for: Intermittent catheters are often selected by patients for their discretion and for easy management (lifestyle choice). They’re also suitable for patients with urinary dysfunction caused by neurological disease. Independence Australia your way 27

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