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Compare catheter products with Independence Australia's catheter comparison tool. Find the best fit for your catheter needs.

Discover SpeediCath ®

Discover SpeediCath ® Flex Designed to make every detail easier “Of course, as an athlete, you demand a lot from your equipment. The same goes for catheters. You want the best material” Catheter Packs Peter Genyn, 40, SCI Flexible, private and hygenic. SpeediCath Flex is designed to make every step of catheterisation easy. The 44cm catheter has a dry sleeve that enables for hygienic handling through the urethra. The benefits of SpeediCath Flex • Flexible tip for smooth and easy passage through bends and strictures • Dry-sleeve for clean and easy catheterisation • Re-closable protective grip to protect tip and control insertion • Re-closable for hygenic and discrete disposal Coloplast Pty Ltd, PO Box 240, Mount Waverley, VIC 3149 Australia The Coloplast logo is a registered trademark of Coloplast A/S. © 2018-10 CON670. All rights reserved Coloplast A/S 50 Independence Australia your way Independence Australia your way 51

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