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Fact Sheet For How to Measure for Compression Stockings Start Measuring Ankle measurement is Measure your ankle circumference • Place a measuring tape at the narrowest part of the ankle, just above the ankle bone, and measure the circumference. • The ankle must always be your first measurement and is the most important, as the graduated compression begins at the ankle. TIP Ankle measurements may differ from leg to leg. In this instance note the larger size. Identifying the correct size of compression stockings is essential to ensure you have a good fit, feel comfortable and receive the optimal benefits. If you have never worn compression stockings before, or are unsure you have the correct size, this guide will help you find the right fit. Getting started You will need: • Tape measure (preferably soft tape or cloth) • Sizing chart for your chosen stocking brand Remember • There is no universal standard for stocking sizes. Different brands use different sizing charts. For example, a medium size in one brand may not be a medium in another brand. • This is not a guide for travel or flight socks which are class 1 stockings (lowest in compression to prevent DVT) and require only basic information such as height, weight or foot size for measurement. Determine measurement points Tips • Measure earlier in the day before swelling builds in the legs. • Measure next to bare skin and without shoes on. • Always place foot flat against the floor and the leg at a right angle to the foot. • Take length measurements from the ground up. • Always pull the tape snugly and without constriction around a leg. • If a tape measure is unavailable, use a piece of string and measure individual lengths with a ruler. • If you are in between two sizes, choose the size that suits the ankle circumference best. • If the foot size of a stocking is either too large or too small, try a stocking with an open toe. To start, take note of which area of the leg needs to be measured for your preferred stocking style. Compression stockings require you to measure the circumference at specific points on the leg and the length of the leg. Stocking style Knee high Thigh high Ankle circumference Calf circumference Area of Leg Calf length Thigh circumference Leg length Final Step Calf circumference measurement is Calf length measurement is Thigh circumference measurement is You can now compare your measurements with the sizing chart of your preferred stocking brand to determine the best size and length for your compression stockings. How to Use a Sizing Chart As an example, to measure for a knee-high stocking, the measurement points are ankle circumference, calf circumference and calf length. If measuring results in 20cm for ankle circumference, 37cm for calf circumference and 39cm for calf length, your size is determined as A. Measure your calf circumference • Place a measuring tape at the largest part of the calf and measure the circumference. Measure your calf length • Sit on a chair and measure the distance from the floor to just below the bend in your knee. Measure your thigh circumference • Find the widest part of your thigh, directly under your buttocks and measure the circumference. Ankle circumference Calf circumference Calf length Thigh circumference Leg length Short 70cm TIP TIP Choose a size that puts your calf measurement in the middle of the sizing range to avoid stockings that are too tight and make the top band bind or roll, or too large making the stocking slip or fall. Do not wear shoes. Measure your leg length • Measure the distance from the floor behind the heel to the bottom of your buttocks (top of thigh). TIP Short 70cm Short 70cm Brand size A B C D E F Note: The sizing chart of your stocking brand will look different to this table, but they all follow the same principles. Refer to a brand’s website or packaging to find a sizing chart. Waist high To access a wide range of compression stockings visit for quick and reliable home delivery © Independence Australia Group 2021. No part of this information may be reproduced in whole or in part in any manner without permission. 10© Independence Australia Australia Group 2021. your No part way of this information may be reproduced in whole or in part in any manner without permission. 11 Independence Australia your way