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Fact Sheet For How to Apply & Remove Compression Stockings To Remove Stockings Take hold of the top 1 of the stocking and pull it down to the 2 ankle. Insert fingers(s) between the stocking and leg and stretch it over the ankle. Compression stockings are often difficult to apply and remove as the compression is greatest at the ankle, requiring the largest part of the foot to pass through the smallest and tightest part of the stocking. While difficult at first, it does get easier with practice and time if the correct steps are followed. To Apply Stockings 1 Turn leg of the stocking inside out and down as far as the heel. Except for the foot, the inside of the stocking should face outwards. 2 Use both thumbs to stretch the foot of the stocking open and pull the stocking over the foot. 3 Slowly pull the 4 stocking off the foot. Tips If the stocking is difficult to remove, consider a stocking aid such as an applicator, donner or glider. See page 46. Next, check for the following: Grip the folded edge 3 of the stocking and 4 pull it over the heel. • For knee high stockings, there should be a two-finger width below the back of the knee and the top of the stocking. • The heel section should fit correctly over the heel. • The tops of the stockings should not be folded down or rolled over. Once all the leg of the stocking is above the ankle, reach inside with thumbs and ease the fabric up the leg in a zig zag movement towards the knee (do not pull top seam up as this will damage the fabric). • The stocking fabric should be evenly spread along the leg to prevent fluid (from swelling or fluid retention) collecting in the loose pockets of the stockings. • The stocking edge is positioned at the base of the toes in open toe stockings. • Apply stockings early in the morning as legs can begin to swell within 30 minutes of getting out of bed. • Ensure leg is clean and dry. • For those with diminished arm or hand strength, or impaired mobility there are aids to make the task of applying stockings easier. These aids are called applicators, donners, gliders and donning gloves which are all available from Independence Australia. • Roll on stocking adhesives can be used to ensure stockings do not slide down the leg during movement. To access a wide range of compression stockings and stocking aids visit To access a wide range of compression stockings and stocking aids visit • If not using a stocking aid, consider using a pair of kitchen style rubber gloves. Gloves can help grip the material more easily and prevent damage to the stockings and skin from sharp fingernails or rings. • Replace stockings every 3 to 6 months, or when they start to sag or become loose. • If new pain, discomfort, numbness or tingling is experienced in the legs or feet when wearing stockings, remove them immediately and consult your health care professional. for quick and reliable home delivery © Independence Australia Group 2021. No part of this information may be reproduced in whole or in part in any manner without permission. for quick and reliable home delivery 12 Independence Australia your way © Independence Australia Group 2020. No part of this information may be reproduced in whole or in part in any manner Independence without permission. Australia your way 13