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Continence Glossary Terms

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Our leading healthcare professionals define and explain the common terms associated with continence.

Continence Glossary Terms

Glossary Terms Continence All-in-one Nappy Style - All-in-one pads are the traditional nappy style pads with adhesive tabs. These are designed for maximum security. Ideal for people with heavy to severe incontinence. Anal Plug - A simple, safe and discreet faecal incontinence aid, inserted into the anus to prevent uncontrolled loss of solid stools. Barrier Cream - A topical formulation used to place a physical barrier between the skin and contaminants that may irritate the skin and facilitate healing. Belted All-in-One Undergarment - All-in-one pads with an integrated belt to allow for easy adjustment of the product. Belted style products leave the hip area exposed for greater comfort and reusable adhesive tabs facilitate easy toileting. Ideal for moderate to heavy incontinence. Booster Pads - A disposable pad with a backing that allows liquid to pass through to the outer continence product, increasing the overall capacity of the product to hold urine. Disposable Bed Protection - Bed protection solutions available in a variety of sizes. The working capacities vary from 100ml to 2100ml. Ideal for people with light to heavy incontinence. Enema - A procedure which involves inserting a liquid into the rectum (lower part of the large intestine). Aim is to empty the bowels to allow for an examination, administer medication or to relieve constipation. Fibre Supplements - A powdered fibre to assist with bolstering an individual’s daily fibre intake to normalise their bowel actions. Guards and Shields - Small disposable pads with a waterproof backing and an adhesive strip to secure to underwear. Ideal for people with light to moderate incontinence. Laxatives - Products to help people loosen stool and stimulate a bowel action. All laxatives work in different ways, each with the intention of helping to relieve constipation. Mattress Protectors - Waterproof, fitted mattress protectors that absorb approximately 300ml of urine. Fitted sheet style, suitable for standard and extra depth mattresses. Protect against bacteria, mould, stains and allergens from breeding in your mattress. Single to king size. Moisturiser - A cosmetic preparation, as a cream or lotion, used to restore moisture to the skin, especially of the face and neck.

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