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Continence Glossary Terms

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Our leading healthcare professionals define and explain the common terms associated with continence.

Glossary Terms Continence Ointment - A smooth oily substance that is rubbed on the skin for medicinal purposes or as a cosmetic. Pad and Pant System - An absorbent pad with a waterproof backing that is secured close to the body using elasticised stretch pants. Ideal for people with heavy to severe incontinence. Pull-up Style Protective Undergarments - A padded pullup brief that functions like normal underwear for discretion and easy toileting. Ideal for moderate to heavy incontinence. Stretch Pants - An elastic fitting stretch pant, used to secure pads close to the body. Sizes are available S to 5XL. Suppositories - A solid medical preparation in a roughly conical or cylindrical shape, designed to be inserted into the rectum or vagina and dissolve as it delivers medication. Total Capacity - The maximum volume of urine a continence product can hold. The product will most likely leak when the amount exceeds the working capacity, even if less than the total capacity. Transanal Irrigation - Designed to assist with the evacuation of faeces from the bowel by introducing water into the rectum and colon via the anus. Washable Bed Protection - A washable absorbent pad placed on a bed to prevent the mattress from being damaged by urinary incontinence. Ideal for moderate to heavy urinary incontinence. Washable Chair Protection - A portable washable absorbent pad placed on a chair to prevent the chair from being damaged by urinary incontinence. Ideal for moderate urinary incontinence. Washable Incontinence Underwear - A reusable undergarment designed to absorb urine while resembling men’s or women’s underwear. Wash and reuse as needed, underwear can remain effective for up to 200 washes. Washable Swimwear - Waterproof absorbent and reusable swimwear designed to contain a solid bowel action until the individual gets out of the water. Working Capacity - The volume of urine a continence product can hold without overflowing while it is in its working position. Independence Australia specialises in continence aids and products. Visit or call 1300 788 855