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DVA Rehabilitation Appliances Program

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Independence Australia's information for DVA Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP). Learn more about DVA eligibility, orders and products.

There are two different

There are two different ways of measuring the capacity of a draw sheet Total Capacity Working Capacity The total volume of fluid that can be absorbed under laboratory conditions. The amount of fluid which can be contained before leakage occurs. Independence Australia references Working Capacity as this is the volume that can be absorbed before leakage occurs. Total capacities are available upon request. IA Code Product Name Working Capacity BED PROTECTION - ABSORBENT - WASHABLE BUDDIES BED PADS 18110070 Buddies All Nighter Heavy 1mx1m Waterproof With Flaps BD1050 3000mL 18110065 Buddies All Nighter Heavy 90x70cm Waterproof Non Slip B1026 2500mL 18110015 Buddies All Purpose Pad 90x90cm Waterproof Non Slip 1003 2800mL 18110020 Buddies Bed Pad Double 100x137cm Non Waterproof With Flaps 1002/D 5000mL 18110085 Buddies Linen Saver 90cmx90cm Waterproof Floral BD1030F 2000mL 18110100 Buddies Bed Pad Excel 86x90cm Waterproof Non Slip BD1033 2200mL 18110110 Buddies Bed Pad Excel 86x90cm Waterproof Non Slip BD1034 3500mL 18110120 Buddies Bed Pad Excel w/Tuck-ins Single 100x90cm W/proof No-Slip B1035 1500mL 18110050 Buddies Bed Pad Extra 1mx1m Non Waterproof With Flaps 1023 3000mL 18110150 Buddies Bed Pad Kids 90x90cm Waterproof BD1040 1800mL 18110410 Buddies Bed Pad 137 X 90cm Waterproof BD1070D 3000mL 18110400 Buddies Bed Pad New Gen 86x90cm Waterproof BD1070 1800mL 18110405 Buddies Bed Pad New Gen 86x90cm Waterproof BD1071A 2500mL 18110040 Buddies Bed Pad Quickdry 82x98cm Waterproof 1005 1500mL 18110055 Buddies Bed Pad Stayput 90x70cm Waterproof Non Slip BD1024 2800mL 18110000 Buddies Bed Pad Super Dry 90x86cm Waterproof With Flaps BD1001 3000mL 18110005 Buddies Bed Pad Ultra Dry 1mx1m With Flaps BD1002 3000mL 18110075 Buddies Linen Saver 52x80cm Waterproof Floral 1027 1500mL 18110080 Buddies Linen Saver 90x90cm Waterproof Floral BD1029F 1800mL AD01-10

IA Code CONNI Product Name Working Capacity 18380120 Conni Bed Pad 1mx1m Waterproof Mauve With Wings CCD-100100-25-1 2500mL 18380115 Conni Bed Pad 7003 1mx1m W/proof Blue With Wings CCD-100100-25-1TB 2400mL 18380220 Conni Mate 7006 85x95cm W/proof Blue No Wings CCD-085095-25-1TB 2000mL 18380210 Conni Mate Large 7006 85x95cm W/Proof Mauve No Wings CCD-085095- 2000mL 25-1 CRYSTAL 18180000 All In One Bed Pad Boss 30 100x90cm Waterproof Quick Dry D30 2500mL 18180010 All In One Bed Pad Boss 40 Small L 7.5-10 M 6-8 85x90cm W/Proof 2500mL BP40WWSB DRYCARE 18160410 Drycare Bed Pad Double Waterproof Blue With Tuck Ins SCD155DB-SB 3000mL 18000110 Drylife Bed Liner Standard 1mx1m Beige QDLFBL 1667mL 18000120 Drylife Bed Liner Standard 1mx1m Beige With Flaps QDLFBLF 1667mL KYLIE 18320020 Kylie Standard Smooth 71x91cm Waterproof Light Blue 8356102 2000mL 18320040 Kylie Standard Non Slip 71x91cm Waterproof Light Blue 8356108 2000mL 18320000 Kylie Supreme Bed Pad 100x100cm Non Waterproof With Flaps 8356109 2500mL 18320000 Kylie Supreme Bed Pad 100x100cm Non Waterproof With Flaps 8356109 2500mL 18320010 Kylie Supreme Mac 100x100cm Waterproof Light Blue With Flaps 8356106 2500mL 18320090 Kylie Utility Pad Large 85x90cm Waterproof Light Blue 8356113 2200mL AD01-11

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