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DVA Rehabilitation Appliances Program

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Independence Australia's information for DVA Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP). Learn more about DVA eligibility, orders and products.

There are two different

There are two different ways of measuring the capacity of disposable liners / underpads Total Capacity Working Capacity The total volume of fluid that can be absorbed under laboratory conditions. The amount of fluid which can be contained before leakage occurs. Independence Australia references Working Capacity as this is the volume that can be absorbed before leakage occurs. Total capacities are available upon request. IA Code Product Name Size Capacity BED PROTECTION - DISPOSABLE ABENA 15000485 Abena Bed Protector Unisex Blue 5 Ply SABL500 40cmx56cm 350mL ABRI-SOFT 15000494 Abri-Soft Bed Protector With Flaps Large SA254114 70cmx180cm 2100mL 15000500 Abri-Soft Bed Protector Blue SA4119 60cmx60cm 1300mL 15000505 Abri-Soft Bed Protector Blue SA4123 60cmx90cm 2100mL CELLO 15130005 Cello Bed Protector Bluey 5 Ply AEU 40cmx60cm 170mL 15130010 Cello Bed Protector Economy Square AEU66 60cmx60cm 250mL 15130000 Cello Bed Protector Half Bluey 5 Ply AEUS 40cmx30cm 85mL 15130025 Cello Bed Protector Heavy Pkt X 20 IP4675 40cmx60cm 550mL 15130030 Cello Bed Protector Maxi Pad IP6990 60cmx90cm 1500mL 15130020 Cello Bed Protector Standard Pkt X 25 IP4640 40cmx60cm 350mL 15130300 Cello Bed Protector Winged Pkt X 5 IPWMP 1900mmx900mm 1000mL DRI FLOW 15002000 Dri Flow Underpad Air Permeable Pkt x 12 58cmx91cm - AD02-14

IA Code Product Name Size Capacity KIMBERLEY-CLARK 15230255 Kimberly-Clark Bed Protector 8 Ply 8Ply 2760 39.5x55cm 185mL 15230200 Kimberly-Clark Bed Protector Unisex White 4261 81x78cm 2500mL 15230250 Kimberly-Clark Bed Protectors 5 Ply 2765 39.5x55cm 144mL 15230260 Kimberly-Clark Underpads 4 Ply 2740 39.5x55cm 96mL LILLE 15320510 Lille Classic Bed Extra Pad Unisex White LFBD8411-02 60x90cm 1000mL MOLINEA 15310630 Molinea Normal Bed Protector 161520 60x90cm 967mL MOLICARE 15310095 Molicare Premium Slip Maxi Plus 70-120cm 3500mL TENA 15120300 Tena Underpad 6 Ply 284 60cmx43cm - 15120320 Tena Underpad 771201 60cmx60cm 1080mL 15120325 Tena Underpad 773800 60cmx90cm 333mL AD02-15

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