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DVA Rehabilitation Appliances Program

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Independence Australia's information for DVA Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP). Learn more about DVA eligibility, orders and products.

Prompt and professional

Prompt and professional delivery We understand that our products are integral to the daily living and wellbeing of our clients, and efficient service is essential. • Distribution warehouses and showrooms in every state for quick delivery • DVA orders will be delivered within 2 working days in metropolitan areas or 3 working days for rural areas • Discreet packaging available on request Fast and Easy Ordering! With our RAP Prescriber Portal, ordering has never been so easy. Visit Submit your Direct Order Form AD02-16 1300 788 811 Independence Australia Reply Paid 9910 MELBOURNE VIC 8060 (NB: No stamp required)

Catheter Drainage Bags Overnight (Non-sterile / Sterile) Non-drainable AD03 Overnight, Non-drainable Catheter Drainage Bags are designed for single use. The capacities are 2000mL. T 1300 788 855 F 1300 788 811 E W AD03-17

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