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DVA Rehabilitation Appliances Program

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Independence Australia's information for DVA Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP). Learn more about DVA eligibility, orders and products.

Bed Pan Reusable

Bed Pan Reusable receptacle usually made of a metal, glass, or plastic Basic Urinal Basic urinal with handle Uribag Reusable latex urinal bag which folds into a small tube Spill Proof Urinal Hardened plastic urinal with one way valve to avoid leakage Travel John Disposable urinal containing absorbent powder which solidifies urine Cygnet Urinal Basic female urinal with handle Uriwell Portable leak proof urinal with flexible, retractable tube Stock Code BED PANS Product Name 14000350 Bed Pan Heavy Duty Plastic GL11 EA 14000360 Bed Pan Slipper 320x240mm Plastic Green 1409009 EA 14000362 Bed Pan Slipper 430x300mm Plastic Green PANSL43X30GR EA 14600025 Bed Pan Vitility Unisex 80110120 EA SPECIMEN COLLECTION 14000400 Kidney Dish 235mm Plastic 1298784 EA 14320100 Specipan Collection Unit 4014 EA SUSPENSORY GARMENTS 14270105 Urocare Suspensory Garment Large Waist 97-116.8cm 4421 EA 14270100 Urocare Suspensory Garment Standard Waist 66-97cm 4420 EA Unit AD04-20

Stock Code URNIALS - FEMALE Product Name 14000070 Urinal Female 1000ml Plastic 6358 EA 14000075 Urinal Female Cygnet Plastic BTT148800 EA 14600015 Urinal Vitility Amos Female 70110270 EA 14000120 Urinal Female Discreet URIBAG EA URINALS - MALE 14000010 Urinal Male 1000ml Spilproof 3140 EA 14000110 Urinal Male 1100ml Discreet URIBAG EA 14000215 Urinal Urotex Complete SL-16 EA 14600010 Urinal Vitility Anos Male 70110260 EA 14000060 Urinal With Lid Male 1000ml M40 EA 14000320 Uriwell Urinal 750ml 15683664 EA 14270080 Urocare Urinal (1 Urinal 4421 1 Sheath 4410) Large 4401 EA 14270070 Urocare Urinal (1xurinal4420 And 1xsheath 4409) Small 4399 EA 14270075 Urocare Urinal (1xurinal4420 And 1xsheath 4410) Standard 4400 EA 14270050 Urocare Urinal Sheath 20mm-40mm Int Diam 10cm Long W4409 EA 14270055 Urocare Urinal Sheath Int Diam 18cm Long 4410 EA 14000050 Urinal Clear Autoplas Male 1000ml URLMANA EA URINALS - DISPOSABLE 14000500 Travel John Disposable Urinal Pkt X 3 SA021300 PKT 14000235 Urinal Disposable Tr Male 800ml 102AA100 EA Unit AD04-21

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