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DVA Rehabilitation Appliances Program

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Independence Australia's information for DVA Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP). Learn more about DVA eligibility, orders and products.

IA Code Product Name

IA Code Product Name Colour MENS ACTIVE MAN FLEXI Y-FRONT 16150800 Mens Active Man Flexi Y Front 10-12 Waist 75-80cm W/Proof 3ARP75-80 16150805 Mens Active Man Flexi Y Front 14-16 Waist 85-90cm W/Proof 3ARP85-90 16150820 Mens Active Man Flexi Y Front 26-28 W:115-120cm W/Proof 3ARP115-120 MENS ACTIVE Y-FRONT - WATERPROOF White White White Working Capacity 300mL 300mL 300mL 16150200 Mens Active Y Front 10-12 Waist 75-80cm W/Proof 3AW75-80 White 300mL 16150210 Mens Active Y Front 18-20 Waist 95-100cm W/Proof 3AWP95- 100 White 250mL 16150215 Mens Active Y Front 22-24 Waist 105-110cm W/Proof 3A105-110 White 250mL 16150220 Mens Active Y Front 26-28 Waist 115-120cm W/Proof 3A115-120 White 300mL MENS SLEEP WELL - WATERPROOF 16150280 Mens Sleep Well 10-12 Waist 77-80cm W/Proof 3D White 800mL 16150285 Mens Sleep Well 14-16 Waist 85-90cm W/Proof 3DWH85-90 White 800mL 16150290 Mens Sleep Well 18-20 Waist 95-100cm W/Proof 3DWH95-100 White 800mL 16150295 Mens Sleep Well 22-24 Waist 105-110cm W/Proof 3DWH105-110 White 800mL 16150300 Mens Sleep Well 26-28 Waist 115-120cm W/Proof 3DWH115-120 White 800mL MINAPPI MENS - WATERPROOF 16261650 Minappi Mens Prostate Pants Small Waist 65-85cm W/Proof C9 SMALL JOCKEY MENS Y-FRONT - WATERPROOF 16150245 Mens Active Y Front Flexi 26-28 Waist 115-120cm W/Proof 3BWH115-120 16150205 Mens Active Y Front Flexi 14-16 Waist 85-90cm 250ml W/Proof 3A 16150810 Mens Active Flexi Y Front 18-20 Waist 95-100cm W/Proof 3ARP95-100 16150815 Mens Active Man Flexi Y Front 22-24 W:105-110cm W/Proof 3ARP105-110 Black White White White White 300mL 400mL 250mL 300mL 300mL AD06-44

IA Code Product Name Colour Working Capacity UNISEX - SWIMMING BRIEFS / SHORTS EENEES 16330120 Eenees Swimmers XS Waist 45 -57cm Unisex W/Proof E/SWIM XS BLUE 16330135 Eenees Swimmers Large Waist 90-105cm Unisex W/Proof E/ SWILMBLUE 16330130 Eenees Swimmers Med. Waist 74-89cm Unisex W/Proof E/ SWIMMBLUE 16330125 Eenees Swimmers Small Waist 58-73cm Unisex W/Proof E/ SWIMSBLU 16330140 Eenees Swimmers XL Waist 106-120cm Unisex W/Proof E/ SWIMXLBLUE MINAPPI POOL CONTAINMENT PANTS 16260795 Minappi Pool Containment Pants XL Waist 80-100cm W/Proof SWA SOSECURE CONTAINMENT SWIM BRIEF Blue - Blue - Blue - Blue - Blue - White 16001215 Sosecure Containment Swim Brief Large Adult DMNVY:L Navy - 16001210 Sosecure Containment Swim Brief Medium Adult DMNVY:M Navy - 16001205 Sosecure Containment Swim Brief Small Adult DMNVY:S Navy - 16001220 Sosecure Containment Swim Brief XL Adult DMNVY:XL Navy - 16001200 Sosecure Containment Swim Brief XS Adult DMNVY:XS Navy - 16001225 Sosecure Containment Swim Brief 2XL Adult DMNVY:XXL Navy - 16001230 Sosecure Containment Swim Brief 3XL Adult DMNVY:3XL Navy - 16001235 Sosecure Containment Swim Brief 4XLAdult DMNVY:4XL Navy - 16001240 Sosecure Containment Swim Brief 5XL Adult DMNVY:5XL Navy - AD06-45

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