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Fact Sheet for Catheters

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For everything there is to know about Catheters, check out Independence Australia's guide to understanding catheters.

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Fact Sheet For Catheters Quick glossary What is a catheter? A hollow flexible tube inserted into the bladder to drain urine. Why do I need a urinary catheter? The most common reason is to relieve urinary retention, which is the body’s inability to completely empty the bladder after urination. Urethra - duct by which urine flows from the bladder to outside the body. CISC - clean intermittent selfcatheterisation is the procedure of inserting a catheter into a bladder. IDC - indwelling urethral catheter SPC - indwelling suprapubic catheter Two main catheter types 1 Indwelling Catheter 2 Intermittent Catheter Balloon Size: In French scale & millimetres 18Fr - 60mm 10mm Urine drainage point Balloon port Bladder opening • Resides in the bladder to drain urine for a prescribed duration. • Either short term (stays in bladder for up to 7 days) or long term (stays in bladder 30 to 90 days). • Anchored in place via a small balloon filled with sterile water. Catheter enters bladder via urethra • Usually drains urine into a urinary drainage (day) bag strapped to the thigh, or to a urinary drainage night bag attached to a stand. • A registered nurse usually attends to indwelling catheter changes. Catheter enters bladder via abdominal wall • Single use only. Temporarily inserted into bladder through the urethra to drain urine and is immediately removed once the bladder is empty. • No balloon. • Often necessary to insert a new catheter multiple times a day. Catheter enters bladder via urethra • A urology or continence nurse teaches you how to perform CISC. • Available pre-lubricated (to reduce discomfort) or non-lubricated. Either an indwelling urethral catheter (IDC) or an indwelling suprapubic catheter (SPC) To purchase your catheter requirements visit for quick and reliable home delivery