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How To Place An Order With IA

Learn how to place an online order with Independence Australia in three easy steps!

How To Place An Order With

How to place an order with Independence Australia If you’re new to online shopping, here’s how to shop with Independence Australia in a few simple steps. 1 2 3 Create Shopping Basket To get started, type into your web browser. 1. Use search bar at the top of the screen or menu options to find products. 2. Select item with 3. Enter quantity Add to Basket PKT Qty 6 4. Click Add to Basket to move item to shopping basket. Repeat steps until shopping is complete. 5. Click to review your shopping list. 6. Click Checkout Now when product selection is complete. Confirm Shipping 7. Review order summary. 8. Add your personal details, choose a delivery option and confirm any delivery instructions. 9. Click Next Tips for Ordering Online • You’ll need an email address to place an order • Choose “Discreet Packaging” to keep your delivery box details private Checkout 10. Choose a payment method and enter your credit card or PayPal details. 11. Tick I accept the Terms and Conditions* 12. Click Place Order to complete your transaction. 13. Look out for an email confirming your order details. • Hit “Back” button at any time to go back a step • Set up an account so you can reorder products easily and track order status