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Independence Australia answers the top condom drainage questions. View our handy usage tips and application guide.

Fact Sheet For Condom Drainage What is Condom Drainage? Common names for Condom Drainage It is an external urinary drainage system for men who are experiencing urinary incontinence. It is a 2-piece system that requires a condom catheter (sheath) and a drainage bag to collect and drain urine. • External sheaths • Urisheaths • External catheters • Penile sheaths • Condom catheters • Uridome What is a Condom Catheter? A latex, silicone or sheath that is placed over the penis and attached to a tube. Urine drains through the tube and into a drainage bag. A condom catheter drains urine without putting a catheter into the bladder through the penis. How it works • The condom catheter is connected to the tube of a urinary drainage bag. • The condom catheter is then attached to a urinary drainage bag or drainage bottle, where the urine is stored until it is emptied into a toilet. • A urinary drainage leg bag (also called a day bag) is attached to your leg. The holding capacity of leg bags vary from 350ml to 750ml of urine • An overnight drainage bag (also called a night bag) can be added to the system at night by connecting it to the leg bag. These bags can attach to the bed frame or mattress. They may also suit a person who is in bed all the time, as these bags hold up to 2 litres of urine.