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IA NSW - Complex Care Support Coordination

IA NSW - Complex Care Support

Complex Care Needs Physical and Behavioural We specialise in supporting complex physical and complex behavioural needs and provide qualified, nationally registered and specifically trained support staff to meet a variety of complex support needs. We work with many customers whose needs are truly unique and, where required have been able to provide a team of skilled staff dedicated solely to meeting their needs. Behavioural Needs Covering psychological, emotional and behavioural aspects of a person’s care requirements is an area in which the team at Independence Australia excel, this includes supporting people with: • Acquired brain injury • Intellectual Disability • ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) • Behaviour support plan implementation needs Physical Needs We have experience supporting people living with spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, MND, spina bifida, ABI, MS and stroke. We are able to tailor our support to suit different needs and: • Hoist transfers • Bowel care • Catheter Care • Peg feeding • Tracheostomy • Medical administering • Acquired brain injury Dual Diagnosis Inclusive of mental health diagnosis, intellectual disability and physical disability in instances where these are combined: • Assistance in transition to community from hospital based setting • Crisis Response Planning What Are The Next Steps? If you are interested in choosing Independence Australia as a service provider, send us an email, or you can visit our website to find out more. What is it like working with Independence Australia as a support service provider? “We have always been provided with experienced support workers and choice. I would highly recommend Independence Australia in providing quality in-home care.” – Sharon, mother of Jai who has been receiving services from Independence Australia for more than 27 years. We will generally respond within 2 business days with further information including a tailored questionnaire for you to complete that will help us to assess how we can best support you. To contact us visit or