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IA19 FactSheet WoundCare_HowToStore_Digital

Our health experts explain how to safely store open and unused wound dressings to avoid contamination and deterioration.

IA19 FactSheet

Fact Sheet How to Store Wound Products Open and unused wound dressings need to be managed with care to avoid contamination and deterioration of products. Bag it Keep product in original packaging and store in a snap lock bag or clean resealable plastic bag. Label it Label resealable bag with person’s name, date and time of opening. Store it Store away from direct sunlight, heat and moisture. Assign it Ensure open and unused dressings are only used for the same person. Isolate it Store open unused dressings in a separate area away from new unopened products. Size it Choose the most appropriate dressing size to match the wound size to reduce opened stock. Explain it Provide patient with information on how to use and store open unused dressings. Discard it Discard any open and unused dressing in a plastic bag after 4 weeks or as indicated by the manufacturer. Visit to buy your wound care products © Independence Australia Group 2019. No part of this fact sheet may be reproduced in whole or in part in any manner without permission.

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IA19 FactSheet WoundCare_HowToStore_Digital
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