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Independence Australia Cost Savers Jan - March 2020

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Independence Australia Cost Savers Jan - March

As a social enterprise, the income we make is invested back into the vital services we provide to help people with disabilities. Your purchases help us to enhance people’s lives. JANUARY TO MARCH 2020 10 % OFF Your Partner In Pressure Injuries Evaluate your prevention strategies To help you meet the challenges of pressure injuries, set yourself up with protection with ALLEVYN LIFE dressings, showing a 71% reduction in sacral pressures injury incidence, compared to standard care alone * . Moisturise NOW 1535 35 ea $ 15 SAVE .71 WAS .05 24360040 Clean NOW 1076 76 ea $ 10 SAVE .20 WAS .95 24360200 NOW 2554 54 ea $ 25 SAVE .84 WAS .38 24360025 SECURA Skin Care Implement a structured skin-care regimen The use of skin care products such as pH balanced cleansers and protect-ants help maintain skin integrity and reduce the risk of pressure damage. Protect NOW $ 981 81 ea SAVE .09 WAS .90 22361270 10% discount applies to the following product codes (codes: 24360040, 24360025, 24360200, 24360005, 22361265, 22361270, 22361275, 22361280, 22360225, 22360215, 22360220) * Compared to standard care alone. References: 1. Forni C, D’Alessandro F, Gallerani P, et al. Effectiveness of using a new polyurethane foam multi-layer dressing in the sacral area to prevent the onset of pressure ulcer in the elderly with hip fractures: A pragmatic randomised controlled trial. Int Wound J. 2018; 15(3):383-390. SHOP ONLINE SHOP ANYTIME

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Independence Australia Cost Savers Jan - March 2020
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