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Independence Australia Cost Savers Jan - March 2020

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Great savings across our brands. Check out Independence Australia's latest cost saver deals.


PERSONAL HEALTHCARE TENA Skin health Healthy skin is vital to quality of life and preventative skin care increases individual comfort and produces better care outcomes. FROM $ 691 91 ea GREAT LOW PRICES ALL OVER EVERY PAD CHANGE 24121110 24121160 TENA Shampoo & Shower Conditioning and anti-static plus Provitamin B5 leaves hair manageble and easy to comb. pH balanced, dermatologically tested, and mild for fragile, delicate skin. TENA Wet Wipes Mild and soap-free. A convenient alternative to soap and water that leaves skin moisturised. 24121130 TENA Barrier Cream Includes Vitamin E which protects fragile skin from irritants, urine, faeces and sweat. 24121120 TENA Skin Lotion Restores natural moisture balance of dry and sensitive skin. Leaves skin with a protective layer. Includes Vitamin E which protects fragile skin. Proven to reduce skin tears. DAILY EVERY PAD CHANGE TENA Wash Cream & Soft Wipe Mild, pH balanced and soap free. Has a protecting effect and maintains skin integrity better than soap and water. 24121140 24121100 6 SHOP ANYTIME

JAN-MAR 2020 WOUND Don’t let sore skin from incontinence take joy from your life Concentrated, long-lasting protection 10 % OFF 3M Cavilon Durable Barrier Cream provides comfort - moisturising as it protects skin against the damage caused by incontinence. It also resists wash-off, requiring fewer applications than typical moisture barriers. NOW $ 761 61 ea SAVE ###COLUMNCONTENT###.85 WAS .45 24000730 NOW 2246 46 ea $ 22 SAVE .50 WAS .95 24000750 NOW 86 ¢ SAVE ###COLUMNCONTENT###.10 WAS ###COLUMNCONTENT###.95 24000745 ea 10% discount applies to the Cavilon Range (codes: 2400730, 24000750, 24000745) Fixomull Stretch Confirmable Retention Tape Fixomull® Stretch is a wide area adhesive tape, especially suitable for use on frequently mobile and highly contoured parts of the body. 10 % OFF FROM $ 184 84 ea LOW PRICE 10% discount applies to Fixomull Stretch (codes: 23360110, 23360120) Cost Savers Terms and Conditions: Cost Saver Terms and Conditions Advertising discounts are available from 01/01/2020 to 31/03/2020 to customers not eligible for special pricing that are residents of Australia only and excludes retailers, resellers and wholesalers. Some advertising discounts are not available via the Independence Australia online store. Independence Australia reserves the right to change, amend, limit sale quantities or end the promotion at any time without notice. Promotional expiry dates may vary and may extend beyond advertised date without notice and at the sole discretion of Independence Australia. Prices include GST where applicable. Prices are subject to change. Bonus offers are subject to product availability. Full terms and conditions of sale for all products for individual offers are available from 7

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