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Independence Australia Cost Savers Jan - March 2020

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Great savings across our brands. Check out Independence Australia's latest cost saver deals.

UROLOGY ONLY 2651 51 ea

UROLOGY ONLY 2651 51 ea $ 26 LOW PRICE Cystofix Supra Pubic Catheters • 100% silicone • Short open tip to reduce irritation and improved drainage • Integrated balloon designed for easier removal with reduced risk of cuffing • Designed for easier insertion at catheter replacement (no ridge) • Depth markings • Wide range of sizes CH12 – CH20 10 % OFF 10% discount applies to Cystofix Supra Pubic Catheter (codes: 10000290, 10000295, 10000305, 10000310, 10000325) SpeediCath® Flex SpeediCath Flex is a soft catheter with a dry-sleeve and a flexible tip. It has a range of features that makes every step of catheterisation easy for you and is designed for use in normal and more complex anatomies. SpeediCath Flex comes in two package sizes - single loop and a pocket-size double loop, making it easier to bring along. FROM $ 455 55 ea LOW PRICE 10 % OFF 10% discount applies to Speedicath Flex (codes: 10140201, 10140206, 10140226) 8 SHOP ANYTIME

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Independence Australia Cost Savers Jan - March 2020
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