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Independence Australia DVA RAP Catalogue

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Information and product range for DVA Rehabilitation Appliances Program.

how to Prescribe

how to Prescribe Contents 1 2 3 4 5 WHITE GOLD The approved prescriber (nurse advisors, registered nurses, general practitioners, urologists and, for some items, physiotherapists and occupational therapists) assesses the beneficiary’s eligibility; that is their possession of either Gold or White card. The prescriber determines the continence or thickened fluid products required. To view the full product range either: 1) Visit or 2) Log in to the RAP Prescriber Portal to download a DVA RAP product catalogue (details below). An initial prescription can be completed by submitting the Direct Order Form via: Independence Australia's RAP Prescriber Portal Visit to create a new prescriber account (if not registered) or to login (if registered) Once logged in select 'Create New Prescription' When the fields have been entered and the products have been selected complete the process by selecting 'Create Prescription' your way Email, Fax or Mail The prescriber completes the Direct Order Form which can be downloaded by visiting under Resources Submit the completed Direct Order Form to Independence Australia 1300 788 811 Independence Australia Reply Paid 9910 MELBOURNE VIC 8060 (No stamp required) Upon receiving the prescription, Independence Australia will deliver the order directly to the beneficiary’s place of residence. DVA orders will be delivered within 2 working days in metropolitan areas or 5 - 10 working days for rural areas. The prescriber is required to provide the beneficiary with a copy of the Direct Order Form for re-ordering purposes. 6 The initial prescription is valid for up to two years. Subsequent orders can be made by a prescriber, the beneficiary or their nominated representative. Orders can be placed via YEARS phone, fax, email or by prescribers using the RAP Prescriber Portal. How to Prescribe 02 Our Services 04 What is RAP? 05 Lodging an Application 06 Your Prescribers 07 AD01 Bed/Chair/Floor Protection 08 AD02 Liners or Underpads 16 AD03 Catheter Drainage Bags Overnight 18 AD04 Urinals - With/Without Holder 20 AD05 Catheters - In-dwelling 22 AD06 Washable Continence Briefs 32 AD07 Continence Pads - Disposable 48 AD08 Urine Drainage Bottles 64 AD09 Leg Bags 66 AD10 Penile Clamps 72 AD11 Catheters - Intermittent 74 AD12 Catheters - External 88 AD13 Urine Collection Bag Hangers 94 AD14 Waterproof Sheets 96 AD15 Continence Consumables 98 AD16 Occlusive Devices 112 AD18 Faecal Collector - Periana 114 AD19 Continence Briefs - Non Absorbent 116 AD20 Pessary Rings 120 AD21 Continence Pads 122 AD22 Catheter Drainage Bags 124 AD23 Catheter Valves 128 AD24 Chair Pads 130 AD26 Continence Absorbent Mats 132 AU05 Bed, Bath & Shampoo Kits 134 AY16 Oxygen Consumables 136 BA16 Thickened Fluids 138 Direct Order Form - Continence Products 144 Direct Order Form - Non-nutritional Thickened Fluid Products 147 your way 2 Independence Australia Independence Australia 3