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Independence Australia DVA RAP Catalogue

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Information and product range for DVA Rehabilitation Appliances Program.

our Services what is

our Services what is RAP? Independence Australia specialises in delivering quality health and wellness products to people in their homes to help them enjoy a better quality of life. We stock an extensive range of continence and urology products across all the major brands to meet your needs under the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP). Why choose us? Prompt delivery • Warehouses in each state for quick delivery nationwide • DVA orders will be delivered within 2 working days in metropolitan areas or 5 - 10 working days for rural areas • Discreet packaging available on request Extensive experience • Over 30 years experience in delivering products throughout Australia • A preferred supplier for all continence products available under DVA RAP Professional service for your convenience • Customer Service is available Monday to Friday 8am to 7pm with extended hours during daylight savings • A team of professional staff to provide advice and support Quick and reliable delivery Discreet packaging available Conditions apply. Visit As a social enterprise, the income we make is invested back into the vital services we provide to help people with disabilities. Your purchases help us to enhance people’s lives. What is the Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP)? The Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP) is an Australian Government program administered by DVA, which provides aids and appliances to eligible members of the veteran community to help them maintain functional independence in their homes. Independence Australia is a preferred supplier for the supply of continence and urology products under this program and can supply the full range to entitled persons nationally. Who is eligible? RAP products are available to Gold and White card holders on the basis of an assessed clinical need made by an appropriately qualified health provider. The prescriber will need to determine the eligibility of White card holders for continence products by contacting the DVA RAP team on 1800 550 457. Who can order? Continence products listed under the relevant item code in the RAP National Schedule of Equipment, may be prescribed using the Direct Order Form by healthcare professionals. These include continence nurses, registered nurses, general practitioners, urologists and, for some items, physiotherapists and occupational therapists. Once a prescription has been submitted and approved, entitled persons can re-order goods directly by contacting the Independence Australia Customer Service team. The RAP Schedule lists the type of health provider able to prescribe products under the relevant item codes. What products are available? To find out what products are available under DVA’s RAP scheme, please refer to this catalogue or visit the Independence Australia RAP Prescriber Portal and log in to Orders for continence products that are not listed on the DVA RAP Schedule and supplier list, are to be referred to the DVA RAP team. Requests must include clinical information to support provision and details of any products trialled and why they are considered inappropriate to meet the beneficiary’s clinical needs. A prior approval number will be provided, if appropriate. When a prescriber wishes to place an order with a supplier who is not included on the RAP National Schedule of Equipment, prior approval must be obtained from the DVA. Restrictions to the supply of continence products and consumables Orders are not to be placed for DVA beneficiaries who are permanent residents in residential aged care facilities and in receipt of a higher level of care. The residential care facility is responsible for the provision of continence products to this class of resident. Orders Prescribers should order products that are on the supplier list. If there is a clinical need for an item or product that is not included on the supplier list, prescribers should contact the DVA RAP team for prior approval, providing clinical information to support the request. To aid beneficiaries in the direct ordering of continence products, suppliers will be responsible for notifying them that an order has been placed with their organisation, and that they can re-order the prescribed products by contacting the organisation directly instead of the prescriber or DVA. The standing order is to be reviewed every two (2) years and the beneficiary reassessed to determine that appropriate products are being used. A new Order Form is to be completed and forwarded to the supplier and will be valid for a further two (2) years. The beneficiary may need to be referred to the prescriber by their Local Medical Officer. Contact us DVA Customer Phone 1800 980 936 1300 788 811 your way Conditions for ordering continence products RAP provides products according to clinically assessed needs in a cost-effective manner and prescribers should prescribe or order the simplest and most effective products that will suffice in terms of health needs and cost. Prescribers and DVA beneficiaries can only order or re-order a maximum of three (3) months supply of items at a time. If an order is placed that differs from the existing Order Form a new Order Form from the prescriber will be required. New forms should indicate whether the order is a request for items in addition to the current order, or whether this is a result of a new assessment. If it is the result of a reassessment it will replace all previous Order Forms and begin a new two (2) year period. When requests for supplies outside the two (2) year period are made, the prescriber will be required to reassess the beneficiary and complete a new Order Form. This assessment may be conducted by telephone if the beneficiary is unable or unwilling to attend the clinic and/or the condition is long term and stable. Further Information At Independence Australia, we have a variety of resources to assist in the prescribing of products for entitled persons. These are: • An online portal for placing prescriptions and checking on the entitled person’s ordering history • Prescription pads (digital or hardcopy) DVA Customer Phone 1800 980 936 Alternatively, for any DVA RAP enquiries in regards to continence products and supply arrangements please call the DVA Health Provider Line: 1800 550 457 (metro or regional) and select option 1. 4 Independence Australia Independence Australia 5 your way