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Independence Australia DVA RAP Catalogue

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Information and product range for DVA Rehabilitation Appliances Program.

Continence Pads

Continence Pads Disposable AD07 IA CODE SUPPLIER PART PRODUCT NAME SIZE CAPACITY (MLS) DIMENSIONS COLOUR UNIT QTY ID 15320137 5610370280-03 iD Expert All In One Briefs - Slip Extra Plus L 2950ml 115-155cm 28 15320440 5630480150 iD Expert Slip Maxi XL 4500ml 120-170cm 15 15320460 5801960300 iD Protect Plus Plus 960ml 60x90cm White 30 15320450 5801660300 iD Protect Plus Plus 580ml 60x60cm White 30 15320465 5801975300 iD Protect Super Super 1420ml 60x90cm White 30 15320455 5801675300 iD Protect Super Super 900ml 60x60cm White 30 LIFREE 15220276 LBPM66 Lifree Booster Pad M 600ml 420x200mm 66 15220281 LBPXL64 Lifree Booster Pad XL 800ml 490x200mm 64 15220301 LFPX28 Lifree Fastenable Insert Pad 700ml 485x185mm 28 LIGHTS 15120165 211174 Lights by TENA Long Liner 20 LILLE 15320760 LCLN1131-03 Lille Classic Pad Maxi Insert Unisex Super 700ml 16x60cm White 30 15320750 LCLN1111/LCLN1111-04 Lille Classic Pad Mini Insert Unisex Mini 490ml 360x110mm White 28 15321090 LSFT7111BR-06 Lille Suprem Fit Extra Plus Unisex S 1870ml Waist 60-100cm White 20 15321080 LSFT7411BR-06 Lille Suprem Fit Extra Plus Unisex XL 3200ml Waist 110-160cm White 20 15321056 LSFT7121BR-05/ LSFT7121BR-06 Lille Suprem Fit Maxi Unisex S 2190ml Waist 60-100cm White 20 15321066 LSFT7241BR-06 Lille Suprem Fit Maxi Unisex M 3400ml Waist 80-130cm White 20 15321076 15321085 LSFT7341BR-06/ LSFT7341BR-07 LSFT7421BR-06/ LSFT7421BR-07 Lille Suprem Fit Maxi Unisex L 3550ml Waist 105-150cm 20 Lille Suprem Fit Maxi Unisex XL 4060ml Waist 110-160cm White 20 15321061 LSFT7231BR-06 Lille Suprem Fit Super Plus Unisex M 2900ml Waist 80-130cm White 22 15321071 LSFT7331BR-06 Lille Suprem Fit Super Plus Unisex L 2950ml Waist 105-150cm White 22 15321291 LSFE3171-04 Lille Suprem For Men Extra 650ml 290x230mm White 14 15320955 LSFM5141BR/ LSFM5141BR-06 Lille Suprem Form Unisex Extra Plus 2230ml 670x360mm White 25 15320965 LSFM5171BR-05 Lille Suprem Form Unisex Maxi 2920ml 700x360mm White 20 15320950 LSFM5121BR-06 Lille Suprem Form Unisex Regular Plus 1570ml 610 x 340mm White 25 15320960 LSFM5161BR-05/06 Lille Suprem Form Unisex Super Plus 2740ml 700x360mm White 20 15320856 LSFE3141/LSFE3141-06 Lille Suprem Light Unisex Extra 600ml 350x125mm White 28 15320865 LSFE3161-03 Lille Suprem Light Unisex Maxi 1030ml 495x220mm White 28 15320846 LSFE3121-03/LSFE3121-04 Lille Suprem Light Unisex Mini 220ml White 20 15320851 LSFE3131-06 Lille Suprem Light Unisex Normal 370ml 280x100mm White 28 15320860 LSFE3151/LSFE3151-04 Lille Suprem Light Unisex Super 830ml 425x220mm White 28 15321265 LSPU0311-06/LSPU0311-07 Lille Suprem Pants XL 867ml Waist 100-145cm 14 15321254 LSPU0211-06/LSPU0211-07 Lille Suprem Pants Extra M 867ml Waist 80-115cm White 14 15321273 LSPU0411-06 Lille Suprem Pants Extra XL 867ml Waist 120-160cm 14 15321258 LSPU0221-07 Lille Suprem Pants Maxi M 1267ml Waist 80-115cm 14 15321268 LSPU0421-06/LSPU0421-07 Lille Suprem Pants Maxi XL 1267ml 120-160cm White 14 15321251 LSPU0121-04 Lille Suprem Pants Maxi S 1900ml Waist 60-90cm White 14 15321267 LSPU0321-06/LSPU0321-07 Lille Suprem Pants Maxi L 1267ml Waist 100-145cm White 14 Product codes may vary across sizes. Products are sold individually unless otherwise specified. Prices are subject to change. your way Product codes may vary across sizes. Products are sold individually unless otherwise specified. Prices are subject to change. 54 Independence Australia Independence Australia 55 your way