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Inform issue 22 – Autumn 2017

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In this edition of Inform we celebrate people out in their communities. We meet John who shares with us his determination which resulted in a new creative direction.

Feature Over a year ago,

Feature Over a year ago, John, who lives in one of Independence Australia’s home facilities, was feeling that his daily activities were not matching what he was actually interested in. It was then that John started working with one of Independence Australia’s Case Managers to provide him with guidance on how to reconnect with friends, as well as joining a regular pottery class. John has always been interested in being creative, and pottery appealed to him because of the tactile nature of clay he enjoys getting his hands dirty and the multiple processes involved in producing a piece of ceramic work. The Independence Australia Recreation Program funded John’s first classes, with his family then taking over the costs. As well as making presents for his family, John produced over 25 items bowls, mugs, plates, and vases to name a few but was feeling down that he was finding it hard to take it to the next level and sell his products. John recently re-engaged with his Case Manager to find a way to sell his ever-growing collection of pottery. After some discussion within the team, it was discovered that the Knox City Council Christmas Carols was hosting a market to showcase handmade items made by those living with a disability, so John’s Case Manager engaged the Council. Autumn 2017 11