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Inform issue 22 – Autumn 2017

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In this edition of Inform we celebrate people out in their communities. We meet John who shares with us his determination which resulted in a new creative direction.

Feature “John has

Feature “John has always been interested in being creative, and pottery appealed to him because of the tactile nature of clay he enjoys getting his hands dirty and the multiple processes involved in producing a piece of ceramic work.” They were able to move past their three-month waitlist, and secure a spot for John to sell his products, with only five days’ notice. To further assist John in the public debut of his ceramic works, an art-focused support worker was hired to help John at the event. “I was most impressed. It went off really well. Please thank everyone involved. I really liked the worker when she left I told her, ‘This isn’t goodbye! I’d like to meet up again’. My stall did better than even Vision Australia’s! I got some great ideas for how to maybe paint my pieces differently in my next classes, and I felt good because people liked my work.” At the market John sold all but three items and is looking forward to making more in the near future. He enjoyed seeing how much children enjoyed his work, especially the cut-out animals featuring bright colours and patterns. If anyone living with a disability feels they may benefit from the assistance of having access to one of Independence Australia’s Case Managers, they can contact Dr Andrew Sinclair on 1300 704 456. 12 Inform

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