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Inform issue 22 – Autumn 2017

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In this edition of Inform we celebrate people out in their communities. We meet John who shares with us his determination which resulted in a new creative direction.

Spina Bifida Foundation

Spina Bifida Foundation Victoria Adventure time Recently, a group of Spina Bifida Foundation Victoria members had the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing summer camp in the picturesque Glenmore Valley. The close-knit group of 15 adults experienced a number of typical camp activities including archery, campfire stories, canoeing, and yabbying. They caught up with old friends, made new ones and enjoyed time away from home. Due to the challenges of living with Spina Bifida, the majority of the campers still live at home with their parents, so this was a valuable chance to get away from the day-to-day, and socialise with people dealing with the same challenges. This was the first partnership camp between the Spina Bifida Foundation and Independence Australia. The holiday program is provided at a subsidised rate, or free of charge, thanks to the outstanding generosity of our donors. To find out more about the camp and recreation services we offer, email 20 Inform

What’s Out There Day New tips on the block The recent ‘What’s Out There Day’ event at the Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre was held on Wednesday, 7 December 2016. It was attended by a number of IA representatives: Paul Creswick (the new Business Development Officer), Jenny Koadlow (one of the IA psychologists) and Melissa Alemis (a provisional psychologist on placement with Jenny). The day started with a panel discussion, including stories from individuals who have experienced an SCI (Emma Booth, Richard Lee, Marty Korytowski, Antonio Vecchio, Christian Brackley, Rocca Salcedo, and Martin Heng). The panel was facilitated by Nazim Erdem and covered a range of issues including: families and relationships, new bowel and bladder regimes, pain management techniques, rehabilitation, re-integration into communities, return to work and/or study, sporting pursuits, and travel tips. The audience members were provided with opportunities to ask the panel members questions, and this generated in-depth discussions. The panel members shared some inspiring stories and motivational philosophies consistent with positive psychology and a strength-based approach. One panel member made the comment “Look at what you can do and build on it”, while other members recommended getting back into the community as soon as possible and keeping your mind busy to maintain independence. A consistent theme that emerged was returning to work and/ or study and the sense of accomplishment this can bring. Another shared viewpoint was the importance of routine and utilising organisation skills to prepare for unpredictable events and overcome barriers. A pertinent example was planning ahead for plane travel both domestically and internationally that included strategies such as organising an aisle chair and sufficient catheters. There was also consensus regarding pain management strategies that included: hydrotherapy, generally keeping fit and flexible to maintain range of movement, massage, mindfulness techniques, Pilates to strengthen back and neck muscles, using a manual wheelchair to maintain strength, and yoga. The panel discussion was followed by an informal lunch, providing opportunities to meet panel members and other participants experiencing an SCI. After lunch, there were small group discussions that engaged participants in more detailed discussions. There were multiple exhibits, including one from Independence Australia, which offered relevant information to participants experiencing an SCI, their families, and health professionals. Modern, lightweight wheelchairs, modified sporting and leisure equipment, modified vehicles, and specialised travel agent services were some of the showcased products. Finally, there was an opportunity to observe a scuba diving demonstration in the hydrotherapy pool. If you want to attend the next WOT Day please contact Jenny Koadlow on 03 9418 0410 or Autumn 2017 21