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Inform issue 26 – Summer 2019

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This issue of Inform is all about closing odd 2018 and welcoming in a brand new year. We hear from Jarad, a presenter with Radio Adelaide about why he is bucking the 'people with disabilities cannot work' myth.


28 Photos The Melbourne Disability Expo

Featured Products 29 TENA takes special care of skin TENA is a name better known for continence products but did you know they are also the skincare specialists. Continence and skincare are closely linked, skin breakdown can be caused by the repeated wetting and drying of the skin with the affected area being more susceptible to damage. Lanna Ramsay, head of Ozcare Aged Care used the TENA skincare range on her father “My father has always had very sensitive skin and is prone to easy bruising. As he is quite active and he often gives himself small skin tears, and sometimes big., I have had him using TENA Wash Cream and Skin Lotion for about three years. Over that time, there has been a significant improvement in his skin and a decreased number of small skin tears” Traditional soap and water can also be very harsh on delicate skin, and conditions like Incontinence Associated Dermatitis (IAD) can be painful however the TENA 3-in-1 range does not require soap or water to cleanse and ensures that the skin is cleaned, protected and moisturised. Daily checklist for healthy skin: ✓✓ Prevention is the best treatment, cleanse the body daily ✓✓ Cleanse the skin well when using the toilet or after every pad change ✓✓ Moisturise the skin after cleansing to avoid dehydration and form a protective barrier ✓✓ Protect the genital area (perineum specifically) with a barrier cream if area is exposed to regular faecal or urinary incontinence Tena Skincare Products TENA wet wipes 3 in 1 cloth that is premoistened to clean the perineum TENA wash cream 3-in 1 no-rinse cream that cleanses the body or perineum and acts as three products in one, a gentle cleanser, moisturiser and protective cream. It can be safely left on the skin and is ideally applied with the TENA soft cloth TENA skin lotion deep moisturizer that contains natural oils that make it gentle and suitable for delicate/sensitive skin and for use on the whole body TENA Barrier Cream forms a protective layer over the skin; keeps moisture in; prevents irritants penetrating the skin.

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