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Inform issue 26 – Summer 2019

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This issue of Inform is all about closing odd 2018 and welcoming in a brand new year. We hear from Jarad, a presenter with Radio Adelaide about why he is bucking the 'people with disabilities cannot work' myth.


30 Our advice How to find a hobby Finding the right hobby for you can be tricky. Many people leave hobbies behind in childhood, and then never quite figure out how to get back to spending weekend afternoons engrossed in a good book, or letting it all out in drama class. So, if you’re stuck, here are some steps that might help you to start the process. First, think about the sort of person you are. Do you want a hobby that is just a bit of fun, or do you need to be doing something productive in order to relax? This may determine the type of hobby you look for. Do you want a hobby where the activity is the main focus, or are you looking for a group of like-minded people, where the hobby itself is less important than being social? Are you a morning person who would enjoy sunrise meditation, or would you prefer to do a hobby in the afternoon on the weekends, when you are at your most relaxed? If you factor these things in when choosing a hobby, you are more likely to find something you can stick with and enjoy for more than a few weeks. Second, think about what makes you happy, and the activities you already enjoy. It’s important to think

Our advice 31 about why you enjoy them, too. For instance, two people may enjoy playing board games with friends, but for one person the important thing is spending time with friends, and for the other person it’s the mental challenge and strategic thinking that keeps them coming back week after week. If these two people were to pick new hobbies, they would likely pick two different activities, despite both enjoying board games. It’s the why that’s important here. Next, look for inspiration. Think about the things you enjoyed as a child. Spend some time in a bookstore, and be aware of which sections excite you are you drawn to the cookbooks? Or do you spend all your time in the history section? Think about projects you may have undertaken in the past, and see if you could turn this into an ongoing hobby. Take a look at local notice boards, and just see what’s on offer in your area the avenues for inspiration are endless. Finally, try a few hobbies out. You likely won’t be sure whether you enjoy something until you try it, and hobby collecting can become a hobby itself. We’ve put together a list of different hobbies to help inspire you why not pick twelve, and commit to trying a new one every month for an entire year? Who knows, maybe something will stick. Try a few hobbies. You likely won’t be sure whether you enjoy something until you try it, and hobby collecting can become a hobby itself. 25 hobbies to inspire you Hobbies to help you learn a skill • Learn a language • Improve your cooking • Take up gardening • Take up film photography • Learn a musical instrument • Enroll in an online degree • Attend free lectures Hobbies you can do alone • Become a podcast listener • Become a Wikipedia editor • Rate and review movies online • Take up meditation • Write letters to people • Hobbies to do with friends • Learn to play a team sport • Get together and play board games • Start a documentary watching club • Become a computer gamer • Form a pub trivia team • Join a historical reenactment group Hobbies that could make you some pocket money • Become a blogger • Take up a craft and sell your wares • Write a book • Become a decluttering guru • Make a podcast • Learn to decorate cakes • Buy and resell items on eBay (for a profit!)