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Inform issue 27 – Autumn 2019

In this issue of Inform we celebrate the art of movement and the personal significance it holds for everyone. We also chat to Ryan, a wheelchair user who offers his advice on how to plan the night out.


12 NDIS Feature How to include the arts in your plan

NDIS Feature 13 The benefits of engaging with the arts are considerable. From the theatre to the gallery, whether you’re on stage or watching from the audience, participating in the arts is good for our general health and wellbeing. And research shows that more and more Australians with a disability are getting involved with the arts. So how can you include art as part of your NDIS plan? Why Art? Art helps us to communicate by providing different avenues through which we can express our imagination and ideas. Art also allows us to exercise the right side of our brain, which is often underutilised in comparison to the left. The right side of our brain is associated with more spontaneous and creative thinking, while the left side is responsible for logical, analytical and organised patterns of thought. Exercising both sides is important! How to include art in your NDIS plan Art and cultural participation are not directly mentioned by the NDIS. But they do align with several NDIS objectives and support categories. These include social and economic participation, choice and control, independence and inclusion, skills development, pathways to employment, and health and wellbeing. Arts Access Victoria provides some tips to help you include the arts in your NDIS plan: • Identify and write a statement about why and how art is important to you • Write down life goals and aspirations that involve creative activities • Identify arts programs, providers and other creative opportunities that interest you • Talk to your informal supports, such as family and friends who know about and support your arts participation • Have a list of existing supports and activities • Think beyond your current supports • Be aware that your support team (family, friends, trusted service providers) can attend the planning meeting and help you to advocate for the inclusion of art in your NDIS plan. Art helps us to communicate by providing different avenues through which we can express our imagination and ideas. Arts Access Victoria also provides a handy planning resource, Art and You: A Planning Guide, which you can find on their website. This guide helps you prepare for your planning meeting and outlines how to talk about the arts in a way that fits with the NDIS. More information There are several organisations across Australia that can help you access art and advocate for inclusion of art in your NDIS plan: Victoria: NSW: ACT: Queensland: Western Australia: South Australia: National: