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Inform issue 27 – Autumn 2019

In this issue of Inform we celebrate the art of movement and the personal significance it holds for everyone. We also chat to Ryan, a wheelchair user who offers his advice on how to plan the night out.


8 Feature I found my own mode of expression in dance… and to prompts. The performance is taking shape and the energy in the room vibrates with excitement. As rehearsal wraps up, the group lingers, discussing costuming and the finer details of their part in the upcoming festival. she said. ‘And I think when I acquired my disability that was with me and I sort of actually took it with me into rehab.’ ‘[The] dance forms that I’d been working with, you could be very exploratory and so I was, and people, friends who taught and so forth, took me back into their classes. So, I could really explore ways that I could now work with those dance forms.’ For the uninitiated, the kind of contemporary dance and theatre Weave produces can appear to have no rules. But Florence says the opposite is true. ‘Improvisational forms have their own little guidelines that you work within. And actually, the guidelines are so essential to helping you to make work,’ Florence says, describing Weave’s work as poetic. ‘They’re movement based and sort of visual based, they have text as well, but they don’t necessarily have a narrative, a conventional narrative.’ As the company enters its twenty-second year, what it does off stage is as important as what it does on. Florence believes being disability-led sets Weave apart and she hopes that the work the company does will change perceptions of people with disabilities. ‘People have such an attitude, that people with disabilities can’t lead, that they always have to be led by someone else,' she said. ‘[It’s] important to change people’s perceptions.’ Weave Movement Theatre also run workshops that provide a way for people with and without disabilities to explore improvisation, drama and movement exercises. For more information contact or visit Back in the rehearsal room in Brunswick, sunlight streams through the windows that line the external wall of the building. The members of Weave move through the space, responding to each other, to music

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