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Inform issue 28 – Spring 2019

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In this issue of Inform we celebrate the change-makers. We follow Caytlyn Sharp, a T20 professional athlete from Western Victoria. We also chat with Alex, an NDIS Support Coordinator.


8 Feature Below: Caytlyn with her coach, former sprinter, Jeremy Dixon ‘She’s just coming along in leaps and bounds with Jeremy, coming along in leaps and bounds in distances’ best again. And I’m also looking forward to competing in the long jump as well. I’m hoping to get a big [personal best] there as well and just try to get closer to the Paralympics,’ Caytlyn said. ‘She’s just coming along in leaps and bounds with Jeremy, coming along in leaps and bounds in distances,’ Cindy said. Jeremy is confident that Caytlyn has more success coming her way. At the Arafura Games in Darwin earlier this year, she broke her own under 18 long jump record. ‘She still jumped from miles behind the board so there's certainly more to come and you can already see the confidence from some of those successes after all the training really sort of lift her energy and passion for the future which is great,’ he said. Despite her busy training and competition schedule, Caytlyn still finds time to encourage other young people to take up sport, whether through her role as an INAS Ambassador or her work training younger kids at her local Little Athletics Club. She wants to inspire others, especially women, to get involved in sport. ‘I love trying to encourage people to get into the sport. It's just what I love to do as well, because I know how happy it makes me feel. So as long as it can make another person happy, then I'm happy.’ While not her favourite event, long jump has become Caytlyn’s focus as her preferred event, high jump, is not among those offered to T20 athletes at the Paralympics. But before any conversations about the Paralympics are had, Caytlyn is focussed on the upcoming INAS Global Games in Brisbane. ‘I love competing at those levels and just get very excited about it.’ ‘I’m mainly looking forward to competing in the high jump again and hopefully winning it back-to-back or just at least get a personal

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