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Inform issue 30 - Autumn 2020

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In this issue of Inform we meet those working hard every day to achieve their dreams.


20 Feature ‘...the process of creating the show, as well as the show itself, has ended up playing a huge role in me turning my life around from the ground up. Art is powerful like that.’ Can you tell us about your 2019 Melbourne Fringe Festival Show, Happy-Go-Wrong? Happy-Go-Wrong is a solo physical theatre odyssey which is a celebration of being alive. It explores my journey through Lyme disease using clowning, dancing, storytelling and a lot of verbal and visual metaphor. It is a deeply raw and personal show, but with universal themes of fate, mortality and resilience, which all humans experience to varying degrees. The show premiered at Melbourne Fringe 2019, where it had a fully sold-out run and encore season and won an award. This was a powerful way to return to the stage for the first time in many years. The show has also been nominated for two Green Room Awards for Best Performer and Best Writing in the independent theatre category for 2019, which has very much blown my socks off. I have also just returned from New Zealand Fringe 2020, where the show enjoyed beautiful full houses and won another award. My dream is to continue working on the show and touring it as far and wide as possible, as best as my health allows. What inspired Happy-Go-Wrong? My need to rescue myself from the darkest depths of despair during a time when it felt like my life was over due to Lyme disease. What has resulted is that the process of creating the show, as well as the show itself, has ended up playing a huge role in me turning my life around from the ground up. Art is powerful like that. I am very proud of what I have achieved as there was a lot of struggle along the way and the show very nearly didn’t happen many times over. What are you working on next? I am someone who is pretty much constantly creatively inspired so I have at least 10 show ideas swirling around my head! But, for now, I will continue to focus on Happy- Go-Wrong in terms of my theatre work. I do also have a book in the pipelines, which is a delightfully slow-burn project, something which my illness experience has taught me to embrace. I also hope to get back to doing plays again in the near future. All images supplied. You can learn more about Andi and her work at

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