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Mobility Scooters - Buyers Guide

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Our mobility experts share their top tips and tricks to ensure you purchase the right mobility scooter for your needs.

Mobility Scooters - Buyers

Mobility Scooter Buyers Guide What is a mobility scooter? A mobility scooter is a powered mobility aid which allows you to move around more easily. It can replace the use of a car for those who are no longer confident to drive. Whatever the reason, mobility scooters can be a great solution to regain or maintain your independence. Top 3 Reasons to buy 1. You are finding it more difficult to walk longer distances 2. You can no longer drive a car 3. You may have an injury or a medical condition Step 1: Confirm you can operate a mobility scooter An Occupational Therapist (OT) can help you decide whether a scooter is the right choice for you, keeping in mind that scooter drivers need a range of skills to be safe drivers. An OT will assess whether you can: • Move your body to turn left and right, including your head and neck to look in all directions to avoid hazards, pedestrians, and traffic • Be aware of your surroundings with adequate vision and hearing • React quickly and be a confident problem solver • Maintain concentration for the time you are out • Maintain your balance on the scooter across bumpy or sloped surfaces • Get on and off the scooter without assistance and walk short distances Step 2: Choose between a 3- or 4-wheel vehicle 4 wheels 3 wheels • Two front wheels for steering, and two rear drive wheels • Wider and more stable, less likely to tip over • Smoother more comfortable ride • Intended for outdoor use, different environments • Best suited to manage rough or uneven surfaces • One front wheel for steering, two rear drive wheels • Easier to manoeuvre with a smaller turning circle • Suits smaller spaces or indoor use • Best suited to smooth, even surfaces