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NDIS Consumables with Independence Australia

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Information for NDIS participants on Independence Australia's wide range of healthcare products and options to purchase consumables using NDIS funding.

Core Support Continence

Core Support Continence Products to help you manage the symptoms of poor bladder and bowel control: • Disposable pads and pants • Catheters • Condom drainage • Leg bags • Bed and chair protection Consumables Everyday items across a broad range of categories: • Wound care • Nutrition • Skincare • Daily living aids • Protective aids Capital Support Assistive Technology Any device or system that allows you to perform tasks you would otherwise be unable to do, or increases the ease and safety with which tasks can be performed including: • Eating and drinking aids • Bathroom aids • Household aids • Walking aids • Cushions To order as part of your plan, contact: 1300 788 855