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NDIS Pre-planning-booklet

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Independence Australia's booklet designed specifically for NDIS Pre-planning. Get ready for your NDIS planning meeting with our free resource.

Community and mainstream

Community and mainstream supports It is suggested you bring any assessments or reports from your healthcare professional regarding your disability and level of physical capacity with you to your planning meeting. Health Activity How many times per week? How is this currently funded? Comments Physiotherapist Speech Therapist Massage Therapist Hydrotherapy Dietician Nutritionist Mental Health Activity Psychologist How many times per week? How is this currently funded? Comments Psychiatrist Behavioural Therapist Counsellor Government Disability Services Activity Support coordinator/ case manager How many times per week? How is this currently funded? Comments Occupational Therapist Housing Assistance Community, Hobbies or Sporting Groups 14 Independence Australia your way Independence Australia your way 15

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