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Wound Care Catalogue

Independence Australia's recommendations for wound products to assist with care and management.

With thousands of

With thousands of products and fast home delivery... we've got you covered! Continence, wound care, nutrition and skin care products Competitive prices Free continence advice from our nurse Discreet packaging available 1300 788 855

Wound Dressing Absorbent Pad 80 Alginates 85 Antimicrobial 86 Film Dressings 87 Foam Dressings 91 Honey Dressings 103 Hydrocolloid 104 Hydrofibre Gelling Dressing 107 Hydrogel Dressing 109 Hypertonic Salt Dressings 111 Impregnated Mesh Dressing 112 Packing Gauze 115 Silver Dressings 116 Please note: Product codes vary across sizes. Products are sold individually unless otherwise specified. Prices are subject to change. EA= Each, PKT = Packet , Ctn = Carton Independence Australia your way 79